YouTube: Taipon goes to DisneySea

This is the first post in what will hopefully be a series of posts introducing entertaining Tokyo Disney-related YouTube videos. I have no idea how much Japanese the average visitor to this blog will know, so do let me know if you’d like more thorough summaries!

Today’s video is brought to you by Taipon (たいぽん). Although a quick glance at his other videos makes me think they might not be appropriate for polite company, he has several videos about Tokyo Disney that I really enjoyed! In this particular video (above is part one; here is part two), his plans to spend an evening alone at DisneySea go awry when he finds a mysterious document telling him he must complete fifteen challenges before he can return home. The challenges are:

1. Wear a pair of Mickey ears.
2. Tell a cast member you’re at Disney alone.
3. Get a birthday sticker from a cast member.
4. Use the fact that it’s your birthday to appeal to a cast member.
5. Post a picture of your smiling face on Twitter.
6. Introduce three attractions that viewers should definitely ride if they go to DisneySea.
7. Ride five or more attractions.
8. Wear a serious face for your Tower of Terror photo.
9. Eat something in an area where lots of people are walking by.
10. Talk to yourself as if you’re talking to your girlfriend.
11. Have your picture taken with a RIAjuu [which the dictionary defines as a “person who is satisfied with his or her real (offline) life”].
12. Wave at someone you don’t know. Keep waving until they wave back.
13. Find three Hidden Mickeys.
14. Take a commemorative photo by yourself.
15. Shout “Going to Disney alone is the best!”

He decides not to do #7 or #13 because of a lack of time; instead, he finds two groups of people and has his picture taken with them. He also doesn’t do #12, because it was too dark out, which is too bad for me because I thought that was the funniest one! Also important to note is that it was definitely not his birthday.

Taipon also goes to DisneySea in this video, where he and fellow YouTuber Tomikku (トミック) go on a hunt for Jafar and conclude that the theme of DisneySea is “anger” (because on Indiana Jones, the crystal skull gets mad at you; on Journey to the Center of the Earth, the lava monster gets mad at you; and on StormRider, your boss gets mad at you). You can also watch the same trip from Tomikku’s point of view. And in this Valentine’s Day video, Taipon goes to the park by himself in order to buy chocolate for himself. Tokyo Disneyland definitely has a reputation for being a place for couples to go on dates, but I was still surprised to see the park that busy in the middle of February! It’s so busy that when he buys dinner, he can’t find a seat and has to eat on the ground. Eating on the ground on extremely busy days is something that I’ve witnessed but so far have been able to avoid doing myself …