Summary: The Hidden Mickey in the Wall

So I’m currently reading a book called ディズニーから勝手に学んだ51の教訓 (Dizunii kara katte ni mananda 51 no kyoukun, which I will lazily translate as 51 Lessons I Selfishly Learned from Disney), written by 堀井健一郎 Horii Kenichirou. I’ll do a proper post about this book when I finish it, but so amused was I to discover that Horii dedicated seven whole pages of his book to an issue that has baffled me for years that I decided to attempt to summarize them for you. Basically what I mean is that seven pages is a bit much for me to properly translate, but maybe not too much for me to just awkwardly tell you about.

But first, allow me to call upon a photo I took in September 2011 to set the stage:

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