The Cost of My Trip to Hong Kong Disney

So I have no idea if anyone finds these posts useful, but since I had no idea what kind of prices to expect in Hong Kong, I thought I would try to help future travellers by sharing a little bit of what I spent while I was there. Please note that unlike my earlier Tokyo Disney post, today I’ll only be sharing what I spent while on Hong Kong Disneyland property or at the Hong Kong Disneyland store in the airport; this list won’t include what I spent getting to and from the resort, and it won’t include what I spent in other parts of Hong Kong.

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More on the Cost of Tokyo Disney

My dad came to visit me for a week at the beginning of November, and of course we made sure his trip included a weekend at the parks. This post isn’t going to end with the total cost of said weekend; whoever could get their wallet out the fastest was the one who paid, so I don’t have all of the receipts. But I thought I would post about the receipts that I have anyway, just in case someone out there is interested. And I promise this will be the last cost post for a while. :)

(Before we begin, I feel the need to mention that in my last post I failed to mention the ¥600 I had to spend to get to and from my nearest shinkansen station, as well as the ¥700 I spent in the biggest locker I could find in Maihama Station. I know this is not terribly important but man it has been bugging me.)

(Aaaand I’ve just now realized that I did not actually have to pay the ¥210 I said I paid to get from Tokyo Station to Kasai Rinkai Kouen Station; my shinkansen ticket covered that. Clearly my entire last post was a lie. On that note …)

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The Cost of My Trip to Tokyo Disney

Although I suspect it might be a little tacky to talk so openly about what I spent during my solo long weekend at the Tokyo Disney Resort last month, I also suspect that there might be at least one or two people out there wondering what the prices are like at and around the parks. So in this post I will be sharing what I spent and where I spent it! For those of you planning to skip the details and just look at the final total, please keep in mind that I spent more on admission than the average visitor probably does (because I bought an annual pass, yay!), but I also definitely spent less on transportation than someone travelling to Tokyo from outside of Japan. Therefore I think the details of this post will probably (and hopefully) be where the value of this post is. :)

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