Tokyo Disneyland: 2012 Easter Wonderland Parade (Part 1)

On June 30th, the Easter season came to an end at Tokyo Disneyland (and spring came to an official end at Tokyo DisneySea). I guess it depends on your point of view whether that makes this entry timely or not!

After the pure rawesomeness that was the 2011 Halloween parade, I was really disappointed in the 2011 Christmas parade. The Halloween parade was exciting and creative, a Tokyo Disney spin on a day that isn’t native to Japan. But the Christmas parade just seemed … bland. Like it was a perfectly acceptable collection of Christmas images, but there wasn’t any spirit in it. Between those two extremes I had no idea what to expect from the Easter parade, but I am happy to report that I loved it! Super cute and fun, with a bright colour palette and an energetic song that got stuck in my head for hours every time I heard it. I’m pretty indifferent to the Rock, Paper, Scissors-esque game that they included in the show stop, but I think I’m just not a fan of Tokyo Disney including audience participation in every holiday parade, especially when so far I have yet to see anything as perfect as the Halloween dance. Uh, so I guess all I’m trying to say is that my love for the Halloween parade borders on ridiculous. But never mind that now! It’s Easter!!

I first watched this parade when I stole a day at Disney in mid-April. To be more specific, these pictures are from April 16, the day after Tokyo Disneyland’s 29th birthday. <3
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