“Disney Fan”: April, 2012

Look what I found in my genkan yesterday!

The latest issue of Disney Fan!

As it says on the fancy pink and white plastic it comes in, Disney Fan is a monthly magazine about Disney animation, theme parks, and goods. As far as I can tell it’s only sold in Japan. I think I first learned of this magazine when I was visiting Japan in 2009; after that I did manage to find a few back issues in the Book Off in Vancouver, but now that I’m living in Japan for a while it’s pretty sweet to have a subscription – 130-or-so pages of Disney goodness delivered to my house every month!

This issue’s cover story is about the events that will be held at the Tokyo Disney Resort this spring. While there is way too much in the magazine to share every part of it with you, below the cut you’ll find a little bit about the pages that I found the most interesting when I flipped through it last night.

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