Cool Story #4

On a busy day at Tokyo DisneySea, my dad and I were waiting in the single rider line deep inside the Indiana Jones temple. And the cast member who happened to be minding this part of the temple was pretty much my favourite Tokyo Disney cast member ever, because:

1) He was all-smiles the whole time. Of course!

2) When a guest wearing a Chip hat passed by, the CM exclaimed, “Aww, Chip!” and pet it bahaha.

3) I swear at one point he was standing at the point where the standy line splits into two, SINGING TO THE TUNE OF THE RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK THEME about how there was a ton of space for people in the left line.

I mean, my Japanese is pretty craptastic, but I swear that’s what I heard!!

4) When another cast member came to take his place, this amazing CM went to the nearest door, knocked on it in a mysterious pattern, listened for a moment, then opened the door and exited, waving good-bye to us until the door was about to close on his hand. A few moments later he returned, this time knocking mysteriously from the other side of the door.

I can’t remember ever seeing a Tokyo Disney cast member who wasn’t doing a good job, but the majority of them do their job in the super-trained, by-the-book way that many Japanese customer service employees do. This was one of the very few times that I saw a CM add to his role in a way that I think is more common in the American parks, and it was fantastic. Now every time I go on Indiana Jones I will be seriously sad if I don’t see him!!

Cool Story #3

A young girl and her parents were sitting in the row behind me in Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage (in Tokyo DisneySea). As our boat moved through the attraction, the girl’s father quietly made comments about it in English (eg. “Do you think that cute tiger will show up again?”) and her mother made comments in Japanese.

I realize this is an entirely useless post, but I feel compelled to post it because there is little I love more than parents who are raising their children to be bilingual. <3

Cool Story #2

A security guard at the Tokyo Disneyland entrance spotted me leaving one of the nearby locker areas and greeted me with a loud and very enthusiastic, “See you! Good-bye!!” Always happy to hear Japanese people making use of the English they’ve learned, I replied with “See you!” … even though I had just arrived.

Cool Story #1

A series where I can talk about the little experiences that are most likely only of interest to me. :)

This past weekend I happened to be on the second level of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad queue at Tokyo Disneyland when the fireworks started. Having been immersed in imagery of the Old West for at least the past twenty minutes, my first thought when the bursts of light and sound began out was that a shootout had broken out at the saloon. This impression was only helped by the way everyone around me rushed towards the windows in an attempt to see what was happening.