Snow at Tokyo DisneySea!

In this post, a continuation of my previous post, I shall present to you my minimally captioned photos of DisneySea in snow. :)

I believe this huge decoration in the entrance area went up for DisneySea’s 10th Anniversary, but apparently they are never ever taking it down?

It was pretty cool to see Mt. Prometheus dusted in snow, although I was bummed that Journey to the Center of the Earth was closed because of it.

A slightly different view.

This was the weekend I finally rode DisneySea’s newest ride, Toy Story Mania! (A 150 minute wait on the first day and a freezing cold 70 minute wait on the snow day.) I mean, it’s basically the same as its sibling in California Adventure, but the queue is cute enough that I kind of want to recommend it based only on that.

Looking out towards the rest of the New York area of American Waterfront. One day I will write a post dedicated solely to the ridiculous amount of love I have for this area of the park. xD

The Tower of Terror.

A slightly different view.

At this point I took a bathroom break just so I could ring out my socks. The snow was so wet and my sneakers were absorbing as much of it as they could. D:

Over to Arabian Coast, another of my favourite parts of DisneySea.

Looking towards Lost River Delta. You can see the Raging Spirits track poking out over the trees. It’s not one of my favourite rides but visually I like it a lot, and got a huge kick out of seeing it covered in snow. x)

Peering through the plantlife at a Lost River Delta bridge.

On the bridge that leads from Arabian Coast to Mermaid Lagoon. I never noticed these lamps before but they’re quite pretty.

I knew I had to go check out Mermaid Lagoon’s gorgeous coral structure. :)

Up close.

Always gorgeous. <3 Can you spot the Ariel statue?

An unhappy camel in Arabian Coast.

Another area where snow seems out of place!

The two-level carousel in Arabian Coast.

I apologize for the super blueness of these two pictures.

I’m always a little hesitant to express my undying love for Arabian Coast, because I strongly suspect that it’s a super inaccurate and Orientalist portrayal of the Middle East, but that doesn’t stop me from finding it beautiful.

Not long after it started snowing, little mouse-shaped snowmen starting popping up all around the resort!

Fun fact: snowmen in Japan are usually only made of two balls of snow, one for the body and one for the head. They’re cute, but the North American three-tiered snowmen still make the most anatomical sense to me ha ha ha.

These last three shots are from just before sunset, which I point out in the hope that you will excuse their blurriness. Here’s Port Discovery, because I thought its sign (uh, which you can barely see) looked really pretty with the added white outline. The big building on the right is Stormrider.

The Port Discovery sign and the DisneySea Electric Railway.

The snowy volcano as seen from the Port Discovery side.

After this I had to hurry out of the park to catch the last bullet train, although at that point I was kind of fine with it because everything I had with me was soaked through. But I remain forever stoked that I was able to experience a snow day at Tokyo Disney. <3

Photos taken by me, January 14, 2013.


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