Snow at Tokyo Disneyland!

In Japan, the second Monday in January is Seijin no Hi (Coming of Age Day), which is a holiday. This year, Seijin no Hi fell on January 14th – as did seven centimetres of snow! Ever since seeing the gorgeous TDR in the Snow page of Chris’s Tokyo Disney Resort Fan Site like seven years ago, I’ve had a huge and ridiculous desire to be at Tokyo Disneyland during a snowfall. I am stoked to announce that I was there this past Monday, and thus my wish was granted. :D

When I arrived at the park around ten o’clock it was pretty cold and raining heavily, but that was easy to ignore because oh my goodness there was nobody there! I know weekdays in January are relatively slow, but since Monday was a holiday I had come expecting crowds. To my surprise, I was able to ride Splash Mountain twice in a row with only a five minute wait. But as soon as I realized it was snowing, all I wanted to do was get outside and take some pictures!!

I was actually quite surprised by how all of the outdoor attractions stopped operating. From what I’ve heard, it doesn’t snow often in Tokyo, but it does snow sometimes, so I guess I figured they’d have a better plan.

The Haunted Mansion, closed in order to transition out of its holiday layover. I get a huge kick out of the plants they use to block things off, by the way. When you take the monorail you can see a whole bunch of these plants just hanging out in the space before you arrive at DisneySea.

More Fantasyland.

Check out all the footprints. The snow was falling so light and so wet – it would land, stick, and then melt immediately after. The cast members were doing their best to shovel paths, but even so I saw several people (including myself) slipping and one poor fellow who fell down!

Small World. I went on it just so my phone (which took these pictures, and so kept getting hit with melty snow) might have a chance to dry off.

The hole in that snow-coated book is an open window to the inside part of the Winnie the Pooh queue, which I’m sure was a great idea until now.

When I took this picture, the wait time was 25 minutes, significantly shorter than I usually see it.

Looking towards the castle from the main entrance to Tomorrowland.

Uh, the left half of the entrance to Tomorrowland.

The only park where you might hope to catch a glimpse of a Cinderella Castle covered in snow. :)


Standing in front of the castle, looking towards World Bazaar at the front of the park. I swear it wasn’t half as dark out as some of these pictures make it look.

Wandering back through Fantasyland. I love how Grumpy is the only one who had the foresight to take cover – and yet he’s still grumpy!!

Standing by Snow White’s wishing well, looking across to the Diamond Horseshoe in Westernland.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad had been closed the past couple times I’d visited, so I made sure to ride it as soon as I got to the park in the morning. Riding it in the rain wasn’t particularly pleasant, but I’m glad I got on it before the snow caused it to close once again!

The Mark Twain at dock.

Looking across the river to Tom Sawyer Island and the train tracks. I think Westernland might have been my favourite land to see covered in snow. It was much prettier than I expected.

Splash Mountain and more train tracks. I think the snow made all the fake rockery in this area look more natural. That probably sounds like an insult even though I don’t mean it as one.

In the centre of this photo is the Jungle Cruise and cut off on the right is the Western River Railroad. Seeing snow in Adventureland was kind of hilarious just because it doesn’t fit the theming at all!

It was really cool to look at though.

The Tiki Room, and cast members hard at work with their neon yellow shovels.

I suspect snow is not something the Swiss Family Robinson made preparations for.

Stitch’s spaceship.

I thought that the New Orleans Square-inspired area of Adventureland would be dazzling in the snow, but when I got there I realized there aren’t actually that many places for the snow to stick. Well, I was still excited about it. This, of course, is Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Royal Street Veranda is currently closed, hence the construction walls in these two pictures. I occasionally grab a drink there, but this time I went to the Café Orléans (you can see its seating area on the right of this picture). I had a banana and chocolate crêpe. A little small but quite delicious! I love Japan’s dessert crêpes.

Across the way is the Gazebo, the third counter service restaurant in this little area.

I decided I wanted to see DisneySea in the snow as well and started heading for the exit. Above is my awkward attempt to take a picture of the Partners statue without taking a picture of everyone else who was taking a picture.

Haha actually it was kind of terrible seeing the statue covered like this! I was like, can’t someone get in there and brush the snow off Walt’s face? At least??

The entrance to the park as seen from its monorail station.

Stay tuned for my DisneySea snow photos! :D

Photos taken by me, January 14, 2013.

4 thoughts on “Snow at Tokyo Disneyland!

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  3. Hello, one major question, I’m planning to go to Tokyo Disney Sea on February next year.
    Is it worth it for me to go there because since high chances there’ll be snow and it’s a WASTE if I couldn’t ride the outdoor theme parks. I’m a foreigner and it’s not easy for to come to Japan again. hahahaha

    • Hi Khairi!
      I wouldn’t say there’s a high chance of snow – it doesn’t actually snow that often in Tokyo. Last year there was only one morning with snow and by the time I got to the Disney parks in the afternoon it had completely melted away. The day I took these photos was a pretty rare one. :)

      If you’re concerned about rides being closed, you could check the refurbishment schedule; February is in the off-season so a number of attractions will be closed due to that.

      My answer to “is it worth it to go to DisneySea” is always YES, and if you are a big fan of the Disney parks it is an even bigger YES because it is a pretty unique park with a lot of attractions you can’t experience anywhere else. February will be cold and some of the rides will be down for refurbs but it shouldn’t be too crowded, especially if you go on a weekday.

      Feel free to ask if you have any other questions!

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