Tokyo Disneyland: 2012 Easter Wonderland Parade (Part 2)

This weekend I’m off to Tokyo Disney to check out this year’s Halloween celebrations, and since I suspect I won’t want to talk about anything else until about January, I’d better finish my report on the Easter parade. I really don’t have an excuse for why it’s taken so long, considering I don’t have much more to say about it than …




I may be ostracized from the Disney fandom for this, but to be brutally honest I’m not a huge fan of a lot of the characters that Disney so often chooses to put on display. I’m always way more excited when characters who are rarely seen get to make an appearance. And perhaps it’s because they are rarely seen that I feel they inject a certain amount of personality into the parades or shows they’re placed in.

Unlike Mickey, Tinkerbell, Pooh, Stitch or the princesses, Clopin and Esmeralda don’t have the responsibility of representing an entire company – to be honest, they really don’t even have any merchandise they have to move. So when they do show up, they aren’t restricted to smiling and waving. I got a huge kick out of watching Clopin acting wacky (he leaned over the railing and hopped on one foot way more than my pictures would have you believe) and Esmeralda attempting to insert a bit of sexiness into some pretty goofy dance moves. (I tease because I love.)

… hey wait you guys where are you going this post isn’t over yet.

These next few pictures are from the day of crappy lighting, for which I apologize. Clearly I’m right to watch parades in Tomorrowland, if this is the lighting that Fantasyland offers hur hur hur.

(I totally just noticed Bert in the corner of the above picture.)

This is the best photo I have of the rest of the float. It has some sort of carnival theme, I guess? It doesn’t look quite crazy enough to be the Feast of Fools.

During the show stop, this float’s version of Mickey would jump out of that dressing room-like structure near the back, although I only ever noticed this because the people around me starting cheering when he did. Clearly I was more interested in Clopin being wacky!

Through sheer luck, the second time I saw the parade I got to watch this float’s show stop! The show stop for this parade featured a game similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors – which in Japan is known as Jankenpon (or simply Janken) and is wildly popular, with my students at least! This Easter version is called Usa Tama Pon and the goal is to pose the same way as your partner.

Here Esmeralda demonstrates the Usa pose – the rabbit.

And here Clopin demonstrates the Tama pose – the egg.

I don’t seem to have captured the Pon pose, but it involves crossing your wrists in front of your chest and wiggling your fingers. I’m not sure what it represents, although the rabbit that introduced the game did call it a “glamourous” pose. If anyone can tell me what a Pon is, please let me know! Or perhaps they just grabbed the last syllable from Jankenpon … ? I have no idea and so should probably stop making things up.

Of course, a large part of my enjoyment of Clopin and Esmeralda’s appearance in this parade is due to the fact that I very much enjoy The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In recent years I have started to see its flaws a bit more sharply than I would like to, but even so it has a great soundtrack, a beautiful and intricate setting, darker themes than your usual G-rated film, and undoubtedly one of Disney’s greatest villains – whether or not Disney chooses to recognize him as such!

Of course it doesn’t hurt that I am just generally obsessed with all versions of Notre-Dame de Paris, movie or musical or otherwise. :)

Here Clopin demonstrates the Usa pose, although what Esmeralda is demonstrating I’m not sure.

And now, as a special treat, two kind of okay videos that I took with my iPod. :D

This one starts with the song that I have had stuck in my head ever since I first saw this parade. But I love it! My favourite thing about this video is how you can see people in the audience bouncing along to the music. This parade was so infectiously lively!!

Uh and then my arm got kinda tired so I failed to film the majority of the show stop. MY APOLOGIES, GUYS! D: You can still catch a glimpse of the Usa Tama Pon game at the start of this next clip:

The song that follows the game is my second favourite bit of music from this parade. Also, Mary Poppins ~raising the roof~ at 1:41 cracks me up and is immediately followed by me ignoring Mickey as he runs through the shot. (Check him out in a different costume in the background at 0:52!) I also enjoy the ridiculously lyric-ed “bunny hop hop” song that plays as the floats start moving again. xD


Photos taken by me, April and May 2012.


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